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Top 5 Things You Should Know About Mini Solar Panels

Mini Solar Panels

There are a lot of mini solar panels for sale on the market, the price and quality are variable. The 3v, 5v, 6v and 12v mini solar panels are getting more and more popular, especially the demand of 12 volt mini solar panel is increasing very fast, the application of the mini solar panel is also getting wider and wider.

What are mini solar panels?

Mini solar panels are small panels that produce solar energy, getting free power from the sunlight and make it supply power to an application or a product. Usually, the mini solar panel is portable and easy to use, it can be used in some applications that larger panels are not very practical or necessary, small size is also one of the most advantages. There are 5 things you should know about mini solar panels.

Mini Solar Panels

1, Free Power

The mini solar panel offers a source of renewable energy, as such, they offer an alternative to electricity assets that have environmental expenses, for example, the emission of greenhouse gases. Even though mini solar panel would possibly prove high-priced to buy, solar power saves money on electricity bills over the longer term because there is no money to pay for the daylight that they use to generate power.

2, Size

As the name suggests, the mini size solar panel offers a small advantage over bigger solar panels. A mini solar panel is very easy to carry and use, it has got a versatility that large, bulkier solar panel cannot offer. A mini solar panel can easily be packed and brought on trips, whether or not on an aircraft or on a camping experience to a far-flung spot without electricity.

Laminated Solar Panel

3, Types

There are two main types of mini solar panels in the markets, one is Epoxy Mini Solar Panel, and the another is Laminated Mini Solar Panel. Laminated Mini Solar Panel has an advantage in terms of product life, and the service life is basically more than 3 years, but most mini solar panels on the market are epoxy mini solar panels because of its simple production process, cheap raw materials, and very beautiful appearance.

4, Limitations

The mini solar panel does not generate enough electricity to perform devices that require a very big power, such as the air conditioners, refrigerators, water pumps. Even for plenty smaller gadgets, inclusive of television and washing machine, mini solar panels aren’t yet reliable as a sole power supply, but it needs to work in conjunction with a battery. In addition, energy interruptions are not unusual in devices with mini solar panel because overcast days can sever access to the solar power supply.

5, Applications

Mini solar panels are flexible strength assets for smaller devices that don’t have robust energy needs. For example, to charge the remote controllers, radios, cameras, fountains, flashlights, and watches. Some applications, which includes cellular phones and laptops, combine mini solar panel with batteries. It takes in electricity from the sun that they distribute to the batteries, recharging them to preserve to function the devices.

Solar Fountain

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