Waterproof Solar Panel

Are You Looking for Waterproof Solar Panel?

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What is Waterproof Solar Panel? Solar Panel refers to the device that converts solar energy directly into electrical energy by the photovoltaic effect of semiconductor materials under illumination. The solar panel is the most widely used type of solar energy utilization, and most of the materials are silicon. Outdoor applications of solar panels are ubiquitous […]

How Do Solar Panels Work?

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How do Solar Panels Work? First let us Introduce the working principle of solar panels, with the global energy increasingly tense, solar energy as a new energy has been vigorously developed, in which we use the most in life is solar cells. Solar cells are mainly made of semiconductor materials. Photoelectric conversion occurs when photoelectric […]

how do solar panels work


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Before let you know how to make a solar panel, let us understand “What are solar panels?” Solar panels use silicone cells to capture sunlight and turn the electrons into energy which we can use for electricity. With so many methods for generating electricity either through renewable or non-renewable methods, solar panels are a fantastic way to […]

Why is AC used in homes but not DC?

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Simply speaking, AC power is easier to manage than DC power. The use and development of electricity can be divided into three stages: 1. DC transmission stage: Power generation, Transmission and Power consumption are all DC. Advocating the use of DC transmission: Edison, Kelvin. Advocating the use of AC transmission: Westinghouse, Ferranti. The Munich International […]