Are You Looking for Waterproof Solar Panel?

Waterproof Solar Panel

What is Waterproof Solar Panel? Solar Panel refers to the device that converts solar energy directly into electrical energy by the photovoltaic effect of semiconductor materials under illumination. The solar panel is the most widely used type of solar energy utilization, and most of the materials are silicon.

water proof solar panel
water proof solar panel

Outdoor applications of solar panels are ubiquitous and its lifetime can last up to 30 years or more, especially solar systems installed on the rooftop or on the ground. The obverse side of the solar panel has to expose to rainy, wet or any other heavy weathers, so they should not break, short circuit, etc.

Since we use the solar panels outdoors, then everyone will have such a question, are solar panels waterproof?

First, we need to understand the structure of the solar panel. It is mainly composed of solar cells and related laminated materials. The solar cell is not waterproof, because it has circuits and wires on its surface. If some water is on the cell, short circuits will occur. The cells will be damaged, etc. But do not worry, the solar cells are encapsulated in laminated materials or in some special resins.

Therefore, the waterproofing function is mainly reflected in the outer laminated technology and edge treatment. Generally, we use the solar panels in the large on-grid system are basically covered by tempered glass, and the glass material is waterproof. And the back sheet is usually made from a durable polymer-based material. That means the solar panel has to be waterproof in order to keep producing power for more than 30 years. There are also some other materials besides tempered glass, such as PET, ETFE, which are also waterproof.

So, do not worry, your solar panels are waterproof.

If your solar panel is still under warranty, and if rare water damage occurs, the manufacturer or the brand company will take it. And sometimes, your solar panel manufacturer will not only pay for the new panel but also will pay for shipping and reinstallation. Most equipment is warranted for more than 10 years.

There are some best sellers on Amazon and eBay.

12V Flexible Water proof Solar Panel

This 20 Watt 12 Volt semi-flexible solar panel is made from the highest efficiency solar cells that can up to 23.7%. Lightweight and bendable.

Waterproof Flexible Solar Panel
Waterproof Flexible Solar Panel

Waterproof Solar Panel Car Battery Charger

I must say it is the best solar car battery charger for drivers. Comes with alligator clip and Car mounted charger makes you can go anywhere you do!

Waterproof Solar Car battery Charger
Waterproof Solar Car battery Charger

Waterproof Solar Backpack

Built-in 7 W solar panel with USB port, a must have for any outdoor enthusiast and business traveler.

Waterproof Solar Panel Backpack
Waterproof Solar Panel Backpack

Solar panels are not only waterproof – but also protect against most weather-related stresses. There is no need to worry about snow in cold climates, and solar panels can withstand considerable weight without collapsing. The colder weather can even increase the production of solar energy. Even extreme weather such as hurricanes and hail storms will not have much impact on solar panels – because of the proper shelf systems prevent strong wind damage, and durable glass makes it can be used in most hailstorms.

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