Even the Lenses can use solar energy to charge mobile phones

The Researchers said that this solar technology may lay the foundation for further applications of solar energy. For example, an organic solar cell is embedded in a window or a glass skylight.

Organic solar cells can be powered by solar energy and are characterized by transparency, light weight, and can be made in different colors and shapes. It can replace the traditional heavier and harder silicon solar cells in a wider range of fields.

The Researchers at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology in Germany used the sunglasses as a sample to show the application of organic solar cells. “We use this solar technology to fill the gaps in other solar technologies,” said by Dr. Alexander Xerman, head of the Optical Technology Organic Solar Photonics Group at the Academy. “This smart solar glasses can self-negatively measure and display the intensity and temperature of the sunlight.” The same applies to indoor lighting conditions as low as 500 lux (normal office or residential lighting). Even indoors, the two lenses can generate 200 microwatts of power, which is enough to charge a hearing aid or pedometer, with a lens thickness of 1.6 mm and a weight of 6 grams, which is no different from ordinary lenses, so it also has commercial value. The microprocessor and display are embedded in the temples of the glasses, displaying the light intensity and ambient temperature in a histogram.

Dominique Randall, a Ph.D. student who assisted in the development of solar glasses, said that: “The solar glasses we developed are meant to show how organic solar cells work in areas where traditional photovoltaic cells cannot be used.” It is mechanically flexible. The corresponding color, transparency, shape and size can be determined according to different specific requirements, and organic solar cells have become more and more popular.

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