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Something you should know about 24V Solar Panel


Nowadays, there are more and more products and applications need to use solar panels or solar systems in our daily life, and the 24V solar panel is one of the most widely used solar panels for Marine, Car, or your home.

What are the 24V Solar Panels?

The 24V solar panel means that the optimum output voltage of the solar panel is 24V at STC. Some manufacturers name the optimum voltage as Vmax. Here 24v is different from open circuit voltage (Voc). The optimum working voltage can be limited with a resistor that takes the absolute Voc edge off. Hovall can customize its power according to the specific application. The power can be large and small, there are not only many 24V solar panels below 1W on the market but also many panels larger than 100 Watt.

Charging 12V Battery with 24V Solar Panel?

Yes, the 24 Volt Solar panels can charge and maintain all of the 12V batteries, but you should have the solar controllers between the solar panels and the batteries.

Why do we use a solar panel higher than 12V to charge a 12V battery? Because of under lower sunlight conditions you will still get the minimum voltage required for your load. As you know sunlight comes and go, birds, clouds, shadings, buildings etc cause the panel’s output to fluctuate and thus your loads would likely stop and start repeatedly. So, the rule of thumb, 12V Solar System has an EQ cycle at about 15 Volts, that means the 12v battery can hold up to about 15 Volt, so, you need a solar controller to keep the battery at about 15 Volts all times. If without a solar controller, it will shorten the battery lifespan, that is the reason why we use solar panels between 18v and 24 volts to charge 12V batteries.

The same thing, 24V Solar System has an EQ at about 30 Volt, you should have at least 30V to power the solar controller for a 24 Volt system. In this paragraph, I believe you already learned about why a 24V Solar Panel CANNOT charge the 24 Volt Battery. And you need more voltages than the battery to pump a charge into them.

What is the open circuit voltage (Voc) of the 24V solar panel? Actually, this needs to be detected by professional testing equipment. And the open circuit voltage of the same power or the same size solar panel can be different because of the efficiency of the solar cells and loads.

Here are some popular 24V solar panels for your reference.

1, 300 Watt 24V Solar Panel

The maximum power is 300W, people use the 300 Watt mono solar panels in multiple panel solar arrays for home or commercial buildings. Complete a large solar system with this 300W 24V solar panel, perfect for all on or off-grid projects.

300W 24V SOLAR PANEL For Sale

2, 200W 24V Solar Panel

The maximum power is 200 Watt, the optimum working voltage is 24 Volts at STC, and the Voc is 30V. It is a great idea to build a large scare of on-grid or off-grid solar projects with 200 Watt solar panels.

200 Watt 24V solar
200 Watt 24V solar

3, 24V Solar Panel Battery Charger

This solar charger comes with Plug & Play adapters, it is a great device to charge your trolling motor for your Boat, Marine, and RVs.

Solar Phone Charger

4, 24V Solar Panel Kit

It is pre-wired solar kit comes with Solar Panels, Solar Controller, Cables, Connectors. This solar kit is great for solar newbies, easy to use and install. Your 24V off-grid best choice to CHARGE 24 V batteries.

24V solar Kits
24V solar Kits

Hovall 24V Monocrystalline Solar Panels generate highest efficiency conversations and offer great performance to meet your solar energy needs, Hovall designs solar panels for all applications and always come consumer ready to use or install, Hovall is your excellent choice.

If you have any questions about this topic or anything we can do, please do not hesitate to let us know, we are all ears.