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How lightning protection work to solar system?

Roof mounted PV system: No external lightning protection system for buildings.

If the solar system is installed on a new or existing building and this problem happens, we have to install the lightning protection system to the whole building.

If the building is not equipped with an external lightning protection system, it does not require an external lightning protection system according to the risk analysis of the standard DIN EN 62305-2, and according to the supplementary document 5 of the German standard DIN EN 62305-3, a level 2 surge protector is installed on the AC and the DC sides to protect the PV system from induced overvoltage and conducted interference..

The number of surge protectors is determined by the distance between the protected devices. If the distance is more than 10 meters, an additional surge protector needs to be installed.

Lightning protection measures.

We install photovoltaic systems in the home as shown in the figure, and need to set lightning protection measures at 1, 2, and 3 position.

At present, all mainstream PV inverters are integrated with lightning protection devices on the DC side. Therefore, there is no need to add additional lightning protection equipment in 1 position. In China, the household PV system is in accordance with the requirements of the State Grid. Actually 2, 3 is just one position. So, we have to set up secondary lightning protection in the electrical system of the inverter output, so as to ensure the safety of the system and the home electrical system.

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